Saturday, April 13, 2019

The journey north begins April 7, 2019

Sunset at Titusville

We truly enjoyed our time in Fort Pierce. Time passed too quickly probably because we were so busy. We opted not to go to the Bahamas because it took us so long to get to Fort Pierce. Maybe next year.

We had a final lunch with Bunny and Evan and a celebratory key lime pie. 

Early in the morning we threw off our lines, hugged Stella the dog and her dad Gary one last time and took off. We met Michael and Judy on One September at Vero Beach to continue north.
Seen along the ICW south of

Just minding his own business - life is good!


This bridge tender was a jerk.
He almost insisted we take down our
antenna but we refused so he opened
the bridge. NASA bridge

It is fun to travel with another boat, particularly such accomplished boaters as Michael and Judy. We took turns leading, switching in the afternoon to give the lead boat a rest. It is easier to follow than lead.

See the rocket?

Meeting One September at
Titusville. Our first night we anchored near Titusville, on the north side of the bridge. It was a calm night with a great view of the next rocket that will launch later this week. In fact, we thought we could see it the next night but the launch was postponed. 

Daytona Beach
Michael and Judy met us at Titusville the next morning. They can travel faster so it was no big deal for them to leave Vero Beach and drive quickly to Titusville to meet us. 
Driving and working;
working and driving
Daytona Beach - Halifax River Yacht Club Monday April 8 and Tuesday April 11, 2019. We stayed two nights because we expected (and received) a big thunderstorm. It was awesome! Thunder and lightening while we enjoyed a mediocre dinner at Chart House. 
A panorama view of the town - cute, huh?


A colorful duck

the road to Daytona Speedway
looks like a speedway
Good Karma at Halifax River Yacht Club
the view from the back deck, my office view!
We had a fun evening. Some friends of Judy and Michael, Don and Diane, drove all the way from Orlando joined us for docktails and dinner. We had a great time! Don went to college with Michael and Diane is a wedding planner. She shared tidbits of her favorite weddings. Turns out she is organizing a wedding at Dreams in Punta Cana where our son and daughter-in-law, Dan and Julia were married in January. Small world, huh?

I took a long walk the first day, ostensibly to find a cash station but really to get so exercise off the boat. Such a cute town! The cute little shops and built along the river which has walkways and parks for blocks and blocks. The Daytona 500 takes place across the river. The roadway across the river looks sort of like a speedway too!!

The next night we had a delicious dinner at Halifax River Yacht Club. I had duck and Kermit had steak au poive. We could smell the delicious steak when the server entered the room. 

This yacht club is lovely. It is the oldest US yacht club continuously in one place. The new building was built about 15 years ago and is magnificent. The docks are wooden fixed shaped like kind of a rabbit warren. We got a wonderful spot, easy in and easy out. 

We fueled up in the morning - 201 gallons

Then on our way out of Daytona Beach

We drove from up top!
Hammock Bay - we stayed
here a few times before
This part of FL ICW is narrow
kind of boring

Passing St. Augustine

Jacksonville Free Dock Wednesday April 10, 2019. We traveled a long day again to get past Jacksonville. We never stopped at this free dock before but it sure was lovely. There were four other sailboats already tied up. We saw a spectacular sunset while grilling chicken and enjoying a bottle of wine.

The fort at St. Augustine

St. Augustine from the water

Repair facility near St. Marys

Free dock at Jacksonville
The view from the dock
before sunset
Following One Sept

Jacksonville Free dock

Just past Jacksonville, entering GA

The river changes - more marsh,
more twists. We must
be in Georgia!!

Crescent River anchorage at dusk

Crescent River anchorage  

Crescent River GA Thursday April 11, 2019. We followed a river upstream a little to a lovely wide and deep anchorage. We tied up together and enjoyed another lovely dinner with One September. This time we had steak and they had tuna. 
Anchored at Crescent in GA
One of our favorite restaurants
on Jekyll - just passed by

Getting going in the morning
Dead boats

The big hotel at Jekyll Island

By Fernandina Beach
Savannah - Isle of Hope. Friday April 12, 2019. This travel day was more complicated. The water is pretty shallow in a few places, particularly the important cut, Hell's Gate. We stayed in line with several other Looper boats and tried to stay in the deeper water. Deeper water here means only about 6 or 7 feet under keel. 

This marker shows a water
line at least five feet below
high water mark. Watch out!
At one point just prior to Hell's Gate we spaced out and found ourselves in 1 foot of water, slowly moving out of it while pretending we intended to go that way all along. Thank goodness I was not driving. 

One of the reasons for such crazy water is the tide. We avoided traveling at low tide because in SC the tides swing 7 to 8 feet. So at high tide the water level might look fine but at low tide you could be on the ground.
Wormlea Plantation, next to
Isle of Hope where they
filmed part of Forest Gump

We passed a Looper boat that appeared to be awfully far out of the channel. We thought he was anchored but no, he was stuck. We asked and he agreed that we would try waking him to see if we could dislodge him. We waked him alright. And he moved a little, enough to start backing off the low spot. I asked if they wanted us to make another pass and he said no. Then a quiet voice came on the radio. "This is the Admiral. I am overruling the Captain. Please make another pass." Isn't that funny?

Lovely homes along the water in GA and SC
Kermit, Katherine, Judy, Mike, Joy and Jim at Pearl's
Isle of Hope is another one of my favorite places. It is quaint and slow, located in a simply beautiful neighborhood filled with lovely old homes. I regret not having time for a long walk.

We put on another 250 gallons of diesel yesterday at Isle of Hope before tying up.

We had dinner last night with Jim and Joy from Jim's Joy and Mike and Judy from One September. A reunion of sorts!! A wonderful dinner too at Pearl's. Seafood all around (except Kermit who got chicken).

A fun stop at Walmart for Simple Green to resolve a nagging sewage smell in our bilge and we were home for the night!! Such a lovely group of people. 

Leaving Isle of Hope
This morning we left Isle of Hope at about 7am bound for Beaufort NC. If we have time this afternoon we might keep going to anchor closer to Charleston. We see a bad storm coming in on Sunday afternoon. We would love to be in Charleston in the morning before the storm arrives.
Osprey nesting!!

We plan to stay in Charleston a few days while One September visits their mechanic. Their mechanical problems make them uncomfortable driving their boat long distances. What a great place to spend a weekend!!